computer (etc) displays and colour schemes – “black on white” or “white on black”?

I have “no idea”, what is better for my health:

  • a dark (or black) background
  • a light (or white) background

I think, the human eye enjoys white as a “general background”, … – so I somehow think, white as background is “more enjoyable”.

I just noticed, that

  • my favourite editor has white as background
  • and the CLI console has black as background,

and suddenly I found it tiring for my eyes to constantly change between a black and a white background.

My (current) CLI console on Windows is “ConEmu“, and apparently there are just these two colour schemes with white as background:

  • Tomorrow
  • Solarized Light

I switched to “Solarized Light” for now, because I enjoy its stronger contrast better than the one of “Tomorrow“.

BTW (just in case you/I want to switch back): Its default (resp. previous setting) is “ConEmu“.


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