upgrading my Macs from El Capitan (10.11) to Sierra (10.12) – keeping fink in sync

Nota bene: you should always upgrade fink before upgrading OS X.

http://www.finkproject.org/download/srcdist.php?phpLang=en :

$ sudo xcodebuild -license

Install the CLI:

$ sudo xcode-select –install

$ fink reinstall fink

Before running the fink utility you should “always” start gcc, in order to clear any problems with Xcode.

If your fink activities run into a gcc problem like this:

…, you currently have gcc (unknown version) selected.

… – remember I told you to run gcc (resp. sudo gcc) on its own!

Afterwards your fink activities will work smoothly again.

Some of my installations need “sudo fink”, some of them work with a simple “fink” (w/o an explicit “sudo”). (How to change this??? Is this really true???)

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