the Android “Oral-B” app and my Oral-B Pro 6500 electric rechargeable toothbrush

My toothbrush recently stopped talking to my smartphone app. It kept driving me crazy. I tried synchronising my smartphone and the toothbrush handle again and again – to no success.

We are currently experiencing Bluetooth connectivity issues between our Bluetooth Power Brushes and some Android operated smart phones. These issues are caused by the Android 7.0 update. An update to Android 7.1.1. or 7.1.2. will fix the connectivity problems. If you should need assistance on how to solve this problem, please contact our Consumer Relations team.

That way the communication between my toothbrush handle and my smartphone would be reestablished – but who knows for sure? I do not want to roll back my smartphone. Not that I really depend on the latest firmware features. But will I be able to recognise at all, when there will be a smartphone update, that brings Android 7.1 with it?

I assume at one stage they will offer a betatest for Android 7.1 (7.1.1, …).

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