the Scala programming language

O’Reilly Media, “Learning Scala“:

O’Reilly Media, “Programming Scala“, 2nd Edition:

O’Reilly Media, “Scala Cookbook“:

O’Reilly Media, “Testing in Scala” (as of 2017-08-09 with a state-of-the-art sbt, it’s in a messy state and I cannot start sbt with the project files supplied – so I abandoned this path i.e. this book for the time being):

  • Today (2017-08-09) I downloaded sbt-0.13.16.tgz and also scala-2.12.3.tgz, and I unpacked them on my MacBook Air at $HOME/usr/local/:
  • $HOME/usr/local/sbt/
  • $HOME/usr/local/sbt/bin/sbt
  • $HOME/usr/local/scala-2.12.3/
  • $HOME/usr/local/scala-2.12.3/bin/scala

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