ipkg, opkg, Optware, Optware-ng, Entware, Entware-ng for my Synology NASes

Linux package management systems for embedded systems.

The utilities:

The repositories: Optware, Optware-ng, Entware, Entware-ng:

I am not following their advice regarding /opt/etc/init.d.

CAVEAT: (On the Synology NASes) the command line utilities outside /opt experience trouble getting loaded libraries from /opt/lib through LD_LIBRARY_PATH, so I remove /opt/lib from there in my startup script.

Synology model CPU/proc/cpuinfouname
synology_cedarview_713+  x86_64./.x86-64 
synology_armada370_ds115j  armv7l./.armv7 
synology_88f6282_112+  armv5telarmv5 
synology_qoriq_213+Freescale QorlQ P1022e500v2ppcPowerPC e500v2

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