WordPress 4.9 and its “Press This” plugin and bookmarklet (version 1.1.*)

WordPress 4.9 removed the bookmarklet functionality of “Press This“. That caused a lot of frustration and anger and fuzz. That’s where the horror started for the “Press This” addicts.

A few details on bookmarklets:

Some personal notes on using “Press This“:

  • Quite some of my blog articles are actually annotated bookmarks with a few web links.
  • Those articles get started, when I come across an article or a website and I think, I should be able to locate it again easily.
  • That’s where a service like “Press This” comes into the again.
  • With minimal UI interaction …
  • … I am able to capture the relevant details of the web page I am currently reading within my browser
  • … and I am able to use those captured details to create an article on my blog.

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