Month: April 2018

  • Debian: network install from a minimal CD – “I am currently tracking stable. Can I change to testing or unstable? If so, how?“

  • Perl’s DBD::Oracle vs Debian For accessing an Oracle DB server from a client computer (w/o its own Oracle DB server installation) you need “Oracle Instant Client” (a set of packages of installables for various computer architectures, supplied by Oracle for free): You won’t find Oracle Instant Client for Debian (outside your organisation or company), but …: […]

  • “Oracle Instant Client” vs Debian (resp. Ubuntu) Of course “Oracle Instant Client” is closed source, does not comply with Debian rules, and cannot / may not be distributed through Debian channels. Oracle supplies RPM files for “Linux x86-64” but no “.deb” files. And presumably both Oracle and also the “Debian Project” disallow redistribution of “Oracle Instant Client” components as Debian […]

  • Oracle Instant Client: “free, light-weight, and easily installed Oracle Database tools, libraries and SDKs for building and connecting applications to an Oracle Database instance”

  • mintty is a terminal emulator for cygwin, …, and for WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux)  — “… By default, the list is shown in the extended context menu (Ctrl+right-click), …, and the menus opened with the Ctrl+Menu key …“ (GNU Screen, tmux) — “The Ctrl+Tab and Ctrl+Shift+Tab key combinations can be used to switch …“

  • updating my cygwin installation left me in trouble again — was: Microsoft Windows and the X Window System $ startxwin I usually prefer the rootless way. My applications nowadays “usually” run on a Linux (Debian, …) system or AIX. Update 2018-04-18: After some cygwin updating startxwin prefers to shut down immediately instead of offering me a menu (“xwin-xdg-menu … — an XDG Desktop Menu Specification menu“) in the system tray. […]

  • Cygwin Ports

  • how to create a Debian package from an RPM package? “rpm2deb”

    I moved the content to a wiki article, so this article is a little obsolete. : alien -k … Open questions: how to deal with dependencies specified within the RPM package? …

  • “Debian package management” on my wiki

  • some of my cygwin utilities started yielding exit code 127 — resolved by a proper reinstallation of cygwin base CAVEAT: Always do a cygwin update outside cygwin: c:…\Downloads> .\setup-x86_64.exe –no-admin I do my cygwin set-up with command line option –no-admin, as I do not have admin rights on that Windows box, so that’s the only way to achieve my personal cygwin installation. I download the file setup-x86_64.exe to the above directory from using […]