my most-needed packages from PIP – YAML Path and Command-Line Tools (maybe not) … virtual environments: as described here: resp. here:

JFrog Artifactory on Docker

Sonatype’s “Nexus Repository Manager” : “Sonatype’s Nexus, a software repository manager“ – the OSS version – supports “Raw (Universal)” as artifact format

Jenkins CI: deploying to JFrog Artifactory – Jenkins <2 style – the Jenkins 2 style – “Using (Either) Declarative or Scripted Syntax“ – available with the “Enterprise Plus” edition of Artifactory – isn’t this Jenkins <2 style?!?

managing APT repositories: reprepro misc:

Continuous Integration / Delivery for Debian packages – I do have Jenkins running on Debian, creating Debian packages as deployables – I plan to deploy to a Debian repository. Automatic handling of repositorieswithout manual interaction: reprepro: freight: – the fork – the original  – maybe that only works with the original

managing APT repositories

using your own Debian package repository is there a CLI interface? is there a human oriented web interface? sources available? searching for “debian package repository”: … searching for “ubuntu package repository”: … – also describes 2 different (simplistic?) web server approaches: …

software repository managers -> “Download Debian”