Month: May 2018

  • dpk-query: why are certain packages being shown as “un … (no description available)”?

    Solution: Some other package depends on this package, but only optionally resp. as an alternative; of the alternatives … one is indeed installed, but not this one, but still this is gets listed. This is how the package first showed up: $ dpkg-query –list foo… Desired=Unknown/Install/Remove/Purge/Hold | Status=Not/… |/ Err?=(none)/… ||/ Name Version Architecture Description […]

  • “Jurgen the German” – Jurgen is a tourist in the U.K., and he is ridiculous (from the pre-Jürgen-Klopp-area)ürgen_Klopp

  • SQLite vs Oracle SQL Developer – nope?!? (Looks like) SQL Developer is no longer able to interface with as many RDBMSs as explained in its list.

  • Oracle DB as VirtualBox appliance (2017-06-14 update) If you already are VirtualBox-minded, this is a very nice approach to get Oracle DB running.

  • in the middle of upgrading a WordPress plugin I exceeded my disk quota and I only saw “HTTP ERROR 500” from then on

    Before I started upgrading that WordPress plugin I did not actually notice, that I exceeded my disk quota. Well, sh*t happens. Once I was able to think clearly again, I wondered which files I could easily get rid of. WordPress backups. I saved my (recent) WordPress backups over to my NAS immediately (I do have […]

  • “avinu malkeinu” presented by Barbra Streisand

  • “Shalom Aleichem” presented by the Brazilian singer Fortuna  

  • “Oracle Instant Client” for Linux x86-64 (RPM) – why not “*.so.X.2”?

    Why is this: (why not “.so.10.2“?): ./usr/lib/oracle/ ./usr/lib/oracle/ ./usr/lib/oracle/ -> ./usr/lib/oracle/ -> ./usr/lib/oracle/ (why not “.so.11.2“?): ./usr/lib/oracle/11.2/client64/lib/ ./usr/lib/oracle/11.2/client64/lib/ ./usr/lib/oracle/11.2/client64/lib/ -> ./usr/lib/oracle/11.2/client64/lib/ -> ./usr/lib/oracle/11.2/client64/lib/ (why not “.so.11.2“?): ./usr/lib/oracle/11.2/client64/lib/ ./usr/lib/oracle/11.2/client64/lib/ ./usr/lib/oracle/11.2/client64/lib/ -> ./usr/lib/oracle/11.2/client64/lib/ -> ./usr/lib/oracle/11.2/client64/lib/ (why not “.so.12.2“?): ./usr/lib/oracle/12.2/client64/lib/ ./usr/lib/oracle/12.2/client64/lib/ ./usr/lib/oracle/12.2/client64/lib/ ./usr/lib/oracle/12.2/client64/lib/ -> ./usr/lib/oracle/12.2/client64/lib/ -> […]