terminal emulators available in the Cygwin environment

The classical Unix/BSD/Linux approaches:

I urgently need to replace mintty within my Cygwin environment by something more serious. I need to split the screen horizontally or vertically. And I cannot cope with screen‘s shortcomings – esp. with its learning curve.

Which packages can we find in Cygwin:

$ apt-cyg listall tty terminal konsole
gnome-terminal # use mate-terminal instead!
lxterminal     # !!!
mate-terminal  # !!! - but you have to master the mate desktop
qterminal      # !!!!!! - the Qt terminal emulatur
xfce4-terminal # !!!
konsole        # !!! - halts suddenly after a while - use "xkill" to ger rid of the window

Which packages support screen splitting, I mean one on top of the other?

  • qterminal # my favourite
  • konsole


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