Month: March 2019

  • I am on Matrix – my Matrix account: my account:

  • Matrix – an open network for secure, decentralized communication – “.im” – “The domain (actually Top Level Domain) has gained popularity among companies who produce instant messaging (IM) software“ – there are apps for various platforms – you can actually also “do” Matrix resp. within your browser my account:

  • Wikipedia: citing sources – converts a URL into {{cite web|…}} and much more !!!!!!!!!

  • Appl Still Hasn’t Fixd Its MacBook Kyboad Problm

    Apple’s third-generation butterfly keyboard was supposed to fix all the previous defects but buyers are still having problems Source: Appl Still Hasn’t Fixd Its MacBook Kyboad Problm

  • Posteo (the secure email service) uses Roundcube as webmail software

  • “never argue with stupid people …”

    never argue with stupid people, because they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience. (???)

  • tracing Emacs Tramp – Helpful variables you can set for debugging (possibly outdated)

  • my CVs now have their own Git repository – the source format of my CVs (one in English, one in German) AKA RCS – my CVs have gotten maintained using RCS from the beginning until March 2019 From now on working on my CVs using at least 2 computers should be easier and quite easy to deal with. The […]

  • Emacs: image mode The best description of this mode seems to be the internal mode description itself (“C-h m”).  Took me ages to remember that. What a fool!

  • EWF: September