Month: June 2020

  • comparison of project management software Features: … Software systems: … Some of the systems support Gantt charts natively, some through extensions. Redmine hosting: as Docker image / instance on Synology “diskstation”

  • what are pros and cons for MacPorts, Fink and Homebrew?

  • my WordPress dashboard says: PHP Update Required (I am with

    alright, an update is required – aha which PHP version is being used by my WordPress installation? – a nice WordPress plugin “displaying the current PHP version in the “At a Glance” admin dashboard widget“ which PHP versions are available on my platform?

  • connecting to a FRITZ!Box via VPN à la Cisco IPSec (in English) (in German) (in English) (in German) Fo connecting to a FRITZ!Box via VPN à la Cisco IPsec the remote server (the FRITZ!Box) must have an IPv4 address (only) – if it also has an IPv6 address, connecting won’t work out. It took me quite some time this afternoon […]