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  • my WordPress dashboard says: PHP Update Required (I am with

    alright, an update is required – aha which PHP version is being used by my WordPress installation? – a nice WordPress plugin “displaying the current PHP version in the “At a Glance” admin dashboard widget“ which PHP versions are available on my platform?

  • MediaWiki: Manual:Upgrading : mediawiki-1.30.0 -> mediawiki-1.31.1 My web space provider performed a few server upgrades recently. They cause(d) problems with my MediaWiki and my WordPress installations. Before contacting their helpdesk I upgraded my MediaWiki installation to 1.31.1, and I also fixed an issue with my …/skins/common/images/wiki.png . Bad enough I did not take a note, whether my …/wiki.png problem started […]

  • my web space provider performed a PHP upgrade, and my WordPress installation started complaining about sunrise.php From that (actually quite old) article I somehow got the impression, some SUNRISE setting in my wp-config.php could be in my way. I do not have any sunrise.php, and I just uncommented the resp. setting, and everything was fine. I guess I had once needed that setting, but bad enough I had not left a comment […]

  • teaching Ruby in secondary education in schools

    Are there any activities teaching Ruby in secondary education in schools, I mean anywhere on this planet? That could well start with a course introducing into software development. Is there any course material available? We shouldn’t leave this field to PHP or whatever, right?!?