Apple MacBook Pro 2009 17″ – new battery, new screws – and the MacBook and its touchpad work properly again

The old battery (505 cycles, manufacturer: DP) had swelled considerably and had disrupted normal operation of the touchpad for years. Now I can work on the new battery (manufacture: LMP) for at least of couple of hours; I can unplug the MacBook at least overnight; I can use the touchpad properly.

I had bought the MacBook through CANC*M in 2009. When I asked CANC*M for help now (July 2020), they smiled at me and advised me to replace the 2009 MacBook Pro.

I contacted cyberport, I confessed I had gotten the MacBook through somebody else, they sent me to their local store, and at cyberport Berlin-Charlottenburg (Bikinihaus) they found me everything I need – the (non-Apple) battery from their own store, the set of screws and rubber feet from Amazon’s. Four days after starting talking to their telephone support I had the new battery and the new batteries. And because they encouraged me, I did the replacement all by myself.

Both CANC*M and cyberport are Apple authorised service providers. One rejected to help me fix my MacBook, one supported me successfully – with non-Apple material.


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