Month: August 2020

  • handwriting on the iPad: Nebo the introductory movie on youtube makes you think, that Nebo is quite a little more powerful then Notability in the Apple app store they hide pretty well, that the non-free Nebo Pro will cost you € 5.49 – not a lot of money, but still …

  • handwriting (using Notability) on the iPad; how to convert into text; how to merge text fragments, … OK, I understand how to convert some “handwriting” to text – using the scissors. (That took me a while.) Now I have various resp. lots of separate text fragments within a single document. How do I concatenate / merge them? I understand I can upload a note (document / file) to Google Drive, […]

  • video conferencing

    Business/Business_Services/AudioVisual/Video_Conferencing on my wiki (here) categories on wikipedia articles

  • Genesis Prize AKA the “Jewish Nobel” Prize

  • Wikivoyage vs Wikitravel – which one to use? where to contribute? I guess I prefer to use to the WMF project Wikivoyage – it is adfree (so far).

  • music: Asaf Avidan: Anagnorisis – the 2020 album—3-.html – Anagnorisis album, tour, … – the album teaser – directed by Wim Wenders, starring Bobbi Jene Smith

  • robots.txt – robots exclusion standard Yoast (apparently) does not let me edit robots.txt any more – most of the articles point me to Yoast.

  • I am now proudly running Emacs-27.1-universal.dmg – from “Emacs For Mac OS X”

  • i3 (window manager) – how do I get my Ubuntu to use i3 instead of Gnome? – also: which packages to install i3 is a minimalistic tiling window manager designed for X11 – it supports virtual desktops.

  • “ShellCheck finds bugs in your shell scripts” – shell script analysis tool “You can cabal, apt, dnf, pkg or brew install it locally right now” “already packaged for your distro or package manager” “written in Haskell, if you’re into that sort of thing”