my Ubuntu VirtualBox virtual machine

  • – “Small, Sharp Software Tools” – I followed the instructions in chapter “Creating an Ubuntu Virtual Machine with VirtualBox”
  • my host OS: macOS …
  • I chose to use the current Ubuntu LTS release (20*) as opposed to the 18* one mentioned in the book – on my 2nd try I surfed to and download their ISO image
  • I chose the minimal installation
  • the minimal installation works

Task: resizing the VM window vs. resizing the Ubuntu desktop inside

  • the related magic lives within VBoxGuestAdditions.iso (supporting “any” OS and OS flavour)
  • add VBoxGuestAdditions.iso to the respective VM as optical device!
  • the respective guest OS will mount the optical device and hopefully autorun “something”
  • because I had chosen the minimal installation, the 1st mounting resulted in complaining about missing utilities resp. packages: gcc, make, perl
  • “sudo apt-get install gcc” led to another complaint and the suggestion to execute this:
  • “sudo dpkg –confgure -a”
  • now again: “sudo apt-get install …” for: gcc, make, perl
  • after rebooting the guest OS: the Ubuntu desktop inside resizes, if you resize the VM window

Task: get familiar with the Gnome desktop’s concept of workspaces!

Task: get my banking application running!

  • my banking application is implemented in Perl, so for installing Perl modules through the utility cpanm install the resp. Debian package:
  • “sudo apt-get install …” for: cpanm
  • then “cpanm …” for: JSON, Getopt::ArgvFile, XML::Simple


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