BorgBackup – Deduplicating archiver with compression and authenticated encryption

This utility lets me back up files resp. directories

  • to a target directory (which can be a “network share“)
  • as well as to a remote directory reachable through SSH.

Its target is called a repository.

In order to browse the backups I can mount that repository to a local directory – Borg lets me mount a repository

  • from a local directory
  • but also from a remote directory reachable through SSH

to a local directory.

One of my favourite features of Borg: On my NAS (which is where I SSH to) I can “borg mount” the back-ups created “from remote” (in “read-only” mode) – this is perfect, because I can browse my backups exactly where they are physically located, i.e. with minimal overhead, easy use of Unix / Linux commands for finding and inspecting files.

Borg is perfect for backing up files from a desktop computer and also from a server computer.

Borg is open source and it comes free.

Borg is rather easy to install.

Just like rsync Borg does not physically copy over a file, which is already in the repository, but it does everything to make the file appear as residing in the backup snapshot.


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