Zoom (the videotelephony software) and the “weird initial display name problem”

A while ago I installed the Zoom app for macOS and since then, I always first appeared in Zoom sesssions using a name, that I intended to use in a certain community only. That irritated people quite a little. I really, really wanted to change that. I searched, and searched, and searched, but I did not find the right way for quite some time – now I found a way. My problem was created through my preferred way to start a video conference.

My preferred way (“path a”) to start any video conference:

  • switch to my running Chrome window (with quite a few open tabs),
  • and open a new tab,
  • enter the conference link within the search field;
  • when offered the option to switch to the app: go for it!

But that way there is no step, that allows me to change my initial display name.

“Path b”: If I go to the Zoom app and press “Join A Meeting“, the app forces men to enter the session password, which I don’t need to enter, if I proceed using “path a” – but this is the advantage of using “path b”: the app allows me to enter an individual display name, and even more important: the app allows me to toggle the “Remember my name for future meetings” fields.

I am so relieved now.

BTW: I am certainly not the only one in the world with the “weird initial display name problem”:


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