“Cat Person” is a 2023 psychological thriller film

Amongst these three articles the German one goes most into details and quotes professional reviews.

If you will not read this to the end, just read this: This movie is not a feel good movie, and it does not have a nice end.

The story starts as a romance, and it is quite enjoyable and funny to a certain stage – then it disturbs, frightens and horrifies me. Of course the movie is brilliant and valuable. I quite appreciate the idea of the movie.

I sympathise longer with the female character than with the male character, in the last part I feel mostly sorry for him.

The story clearly has an educational character. At one stage the female character clearly looses my solidarity – when she decides to attach a tracker device to his car. They both overreact then, and only with her remaining minimal trust, she also survives. But he clearly loses – overall unfair.


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