I started something new today: every (important) person will get its “open issues” file on my NAS

apart from the “open issues” file, I also keep a diary file for some people – apart from that they have “their entries” on my main diary (~/diary) of course.

  • diskstation999:persons/person999/000README--open_issues.txt
  • diskstation999:persons/person999/initials.diary
  • ~/diary

yes, I am worse than Stasi in a way.

when did “this nerd” (that’s me) last mention, I now have 6 NAS-s running? 🤩😎

I know, that’s far too many – and I would quite like to give one or two away, and also to have one (at least) in a remote place, i.e. like for getting around disasters like fire or earth quake in my “home computing center”.


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