Secure Hash Algorithms AKA SHA – using shake-512sum for

There is a book at O’Reilly’s:

  • – “Classic Shell Scripting”
  • – the book comes with very nice supplemental files and examples
  • one of these examples is:
  • you can find it there in the “sh” subdirectory
  • that script makes use of md5sum as checksum utility, but in my copy I replaced it with sha512sum resp. shake-512sum
  • that checksum utility makes that script decide, whether files are “the same”
  • I have been using that script “almost every day of my life” for so many years for finding identical files having deliberate different names – it groups files by their checksums computed by this checksum utility
  • this script has worked for me on Unix, Linux, macosx, …, and busybox
  • I have no quicker and safer way to find copies of files – … and removing unnecessary copies


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