SSH on Windows: OpenSSH, PuTTY

On Windows OpenSSH’s “SSH authentication agent” is meant to run as Windows “service“. Starting a couple of years back, Microsoft decided, to deactivate that service by default. Now there are corporations, that do not want to have the “ssh-agent” service running at all. No SSH authentication agent, no caching of ssh ID-s (after enquiring the respective passphrase) – i.e. you have to enter your passphrases again and again. Right: if you are a bad boy, you use private keys with empty passphrases – but you are not a bad boy, are you?

The alternative to OpenSSH on Windows:

  • – the PuTTY package has its own SSH authentication agent: pageant – and pageant does not run as (Windows) “service“, you can start it yourself, so PuTTY may be your choice.


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