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  • The Pragmatic Bookshelf: Tracking Personal Finances Using Python by Siddhant Goel – Beancount

    Learn how to build a privacy-aware and developer-friendly workflow using Python to keep track of your personal finances.

  • Postman REST client

  • ForgeRock provides digital identity management through its primary product, the ForgeRock Identity Platform !!! (formerly known as OpenSSO) – ForgeRock Access Management – ForgeRock Directory Services is an LDAP directory service – ForgeRock Identity Management ForgeRock Identity Gateway provides an identity gateway for web traffic and application programming interfaces (APIs) – Packt Publishing’s book on OpenAM ForgeRock gets mentioned here: […]

  • systems management systems – with GUI and w/o GUI – a rather lively project as of 2021 – has a GUI – (apparently) cross-platform – the Spacewalk project was discontinued in May 2020 – has a GUI – (apparently) command line oriented – (apparently) command line oriented – (apparently) command line oriented The Foreman’s “currently” latest “Quickstart […]

  • “Postman” is an API development environment

  • OpenIDM is an identity-management system

  • Shazam is an application that can identify music, movies, advertising, and television shows, based on a short sample played and using the microphone on the device

  • a cross-platform password manager: KeePassXC – manual page for the command line interface

  • orchestration software: Ansible … Packt Publishing: (2020) (2019) … O’Reilly Media: (2017) …

  • comparison of project management software Features: … Software systems: … Some of the systems support Gantt charts natively, some through extensions. Redmine hosting: as Docker image / instance on Synology “diskstation”