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  • how to export from Atlassian Confluence – not that bad  😀 — “Go to the space and choose Space tools > Content Tools from the bottom of the sidebar” I would really like to get the list of target formats extended, but this list isn’t really, really that poor my wishlist WRT target formats: mediawiki, DocBook my preferred exports: HTML / […]

  • where would I re-import an Atlassian Confluence export to?

    Atlassian offers “Confluence in the cloud” for 10 USD/month — not really big money, but for my modest purposes more money than I want to spend … Actually I only want to preserve the “brain work” that I created during my life. I’m not sure I need a running (expensive) Atlassian Confluence for that.

  • using Atlassian Confluence again Things have changed “recently”: no wiki mark-up any longer  🙄 – exporting got more powerful REST API available (?!!) …