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  • Business Intelligence – Microsoft Press

    Business Intelligence – Microsoft Press: “Business Intelligence” bought the paper book through Amazon as a used book, purchased the PDF at the o’Reilly’s web-site. Update 2011-08-08 : dead tree book arrived at my favourite¬†DHL Packstation 122 nearby. Glossary 80/20 rule A theory invented by Vilfredo Pareto in the late 1800s, also known as the Pareto […]

  • column-oriented databases

    I read this article on InfiniDB, and I thought, it would help at least myself, if I took a note on it here. The centrepiece of InfiniDB is a column-oriented back end (“engine”) . MySQL database 5.1.39 serves as the basis of InfiniDB and comes linked to the back end. Since there is no indication […]