Category: HTTP scripting

  • WWW::Mechanize::Firefox –

    WWW::Mechanize::Firefox – Support for Javascript and XPath. What about recording resp. capturing such a script?

  • more on web harvesting

    Data Extraction for Web 2.0: Screen Scraping in Ruby/Rails, Episode 1 (ruby) : “a swift, liberal HTML parser with a fantastic library” (ruby) : “Pioneers in Harvesting the Deep Web” …  Update 2010-06-05/06: One night later I am still very impressed by scrubyt, and I rather want to try it on a […]

  • web harvesting and my toolkit JHwis

    I implemented a toolkit years ago, that I call JHwis. Now and then I think, I should have do more advertising for it. I have been using software created by that toolkit for downloading bank account statements and other stuff for years now. I would like to prove you, it’s also very well suited for […]