Category: Linux networking

  • how to test ports – Telnet, Expect, Bash, Netcat, Nmap

    For “security reasons” telnet and nmap are not included in the basic set of utilities present on a production server. And why would you install software, that you usually don’t need there? But occasionally these tools are needed and should be available for installation. I certainly like telnet and nmap for the described purposes.

  • how to check (scan) for open ports from outside in Linux

  • Linux and WPA-Enterprise AKA WPA-802.1X : WPA-Enterprise !!! (WPA-Enterprise mode is available on all three WPA versions, i.e. WPA, WPA2, WPA3)

  • Packt Publishing: Mastering Linux Network Administration

  • deprecated Linux networking commands and their replacements – net-tools vs iproute2 – Mastering Linux Network Administration (PacktPub) !!!!! !!!!! – O’Reilly – O’Reilly – great article showing how to do modern Linux networking on the command line – includes a rather compact but useful (mapping) table – how to check for listening ports…