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  • me at

    This is me and Ignacio Correas Usón (the “men in red”), “Mr. ebox”, at the Perl Booth. He is seriously seeking business partners in Germany for the ebox.

  • contributing on CPAN

    This week with the perl community around made me rethink my status of “involvedness” with the perl community a little. Yes, I am going to really share things from now on, e.g. on CPAN. So this morning after Gábor Szabó‘s departure, I not only applied for getting this blog merged into, but I […]

  • applied for “Planet Perl Iron Man”

    Gábor Szabó encouraged me to a couple of things during this week with him around One of them was to “join the program” at, which seems to be a Grand Unified Perl Blog. I am rather excited about this right now.