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  • Unix 7th Edition Manuals in PDF – where to get them these documents contain the manual pages (in original layout) describing the Bourne Shell, awk etc

  • Debian manual pages

  • Debian Linux: administration, package management, …

    The “Raspberry Pi” is my second encounter with Debian, ASUS’s early “Eee PC” was the first. I need to refresh and extend my knowledge there. – as always: prefer the wiki over “offline maintained documentation“ … … : Debian package management: dpkg-*, *-apt-*, aptitude, synaptic, … … … – the […]

  • O’Reilly Media: JavaScript & jQuery: The Missing Manual

    JavaScript & jQuery: The Missing Manual: You don’t need programming experience to add interactive and visual effects to your web pages with JavaScript. This Missing Manual shows you how the jQuery library makes JavaScript programming fun, easy, and accessible to web designers at every level of experience. You’ll quickly learn how to use jQuery to […]