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  • RoR deploying with Mina, a “really fast deployer and server automation tool” It creates a Bash script, that is supposed to getting started remotely through SSH. It is based on Rake, the Ruby Makefile DSL. no YAML

  • “rake”, the ruby DSL, improved

    Well, I started using rake instead of make in 2007, when I got ruby infected. I noticed then, that rake’s output is a little “dis-arranged” (the entire “command” came printed inĀ  one single line). That changed in the meantime, at least now with 0.8.7 it is just the way I like it. Thank you to […]

  • just wrote my 1st Rakefile

    It took me a while to finally get going but it was worth while investing the time to dive into it. next step is , and I am really keen on that. something capable of replacing Ant and Groovy — amazing! Single-quoted strings as “sh” commands get displayed quite nicely, double-quoted strings get displayed […]