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  • recently my local rsync and my remote rsync failed talking to each other properly

    This is the message I faced: rsync: This rsync lacks old-style –compress due to its external zlib. Try -zz. Using “-zz” instead of “–compress” does not always help. Today my local (OS X El Capitan) proved to be too old. I installed Fink’s rsync, now it’s fine again. Actually: there is not just one […]

  • A Tutorial on Using Rsync (back from November 1999) Somebody commented on one of my rsync-related articles, and he sent me this link, and I just thought, that tutorial isn’t really that bad, so I post it here.

  • rsync with –fuzzy

    BackupAssist Support Forum • View topic – Rsync with –fuzzy – in this thread “henrik” AKA H. Langos-8 describes in a rather detailed way exactly what I was thinking of: renaming and moving files within the directory structure (actually my idea isn’t restricted to “within …”) w/o changing them (actually rsync-ing such files) should be made […]