no more worries with winmail.dat

How often did I receive e-mail with a single weird winmail.dat attached, actually incorporating quite a few more real attachments …

How often did this drive me nuts …

During the last few years I was in the lucky position, that my webmail software actually supported me there by showing me the contents and allowing me to download the elements of that winmail.dat one by one — yes, one by one.
I am getting my payroll files delivered each month like this. Sometimes I forget, that I can not (resp. could not) unpack the thing locally, so I have to send it back to my webmail site.

Today I found tnef by Mark Simpson. A big thank you to him!
Nowadays it’s actually part of the openSUSE main repository, and this is, where I installed it from.

Update 2012-02-19:
It’s not working on the winmail.dat file I received today. How bad!

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