peeking and poking Google Chrome

Is there an “ordinary way” to get the “extensions” listed, or is this pseudo-URL “the ordinary way“: chrome://extensions/?
(Now, that I wrote of it here, I can finally close that tab, as I was really worried to forget it again. BTW: of course also this list is made far nicer then everything (at least) I can compare. Did you notice, what they do, if you delete a bookmark folder? That’s just awesome IMO, if I had not to do a lot of work, I could keep doing that all through the night.)
Oooo, it’s under that wrench icon as Extensions. And there is also Downloads. Good, that I found that!
And now I also know, how to underline using the Blogger article editor. Well, switch to “Edit HTML” – you know the rest of the story. It’s that simple.

And do you know, how to make the wrench icon appear on OS X Chrome?
Chrome / Preferences / Basics / Toolbar / Show Page and Tools menus.

Have you come across the Task Manager below Developer yet?

And did you dare clicking on Stats for nerds?

How bad, that I can’t use Chrome on my Linux notebook, as it keeps negatively interacting with the window manager or so, which after a while locks up.
Well, they are going to solve that issue sooner or later.

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