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  • fink on Lion

    When I set up fink on Snow Leopard quite a while ago, I didn’t really care, where XCode and all that went. Now with Lion things are not running as smooth. I have to put /Developer/usr/bin on PATH. But that still doesn’t allow to successfully run ./bootstrap . How bad! I think I am going […]

  • good bye, Snow Leopard! very welcome, Lion!

    Just installing … Update: It started with saying “33 minutes …”, but these 33 minutes do not pass as fast as on my wrist watch. Update: The desktop started with eyecandy: no longer that well-known starfield, but a rather more modest background. Update: In Snow Leopard I had my “desktops” arranged in 4×4 matrix, that’s […]

  • Mac OS X 10.6.4 (Snow Leopard): the Finder hangs again

    I tried to make LibreOffice the default application for a file on a Samba network folder, and Finder hangs – not LibreOffice. I am now going to kill Finder, and I assume during the remainder of the day I also have to restart the entire OS again, which implies restarting almost all applications with all […]

  • “drag and drop” and the cmd-key

    My Situation: 2 finders open, one pointing to a local disk, the other to a remote disk. If you drag (using the cmd-key) exactly one file from that “local finder” to the “remote finder”, the meaning of the operation is “move”. If you drag (using the cmd-key) more than one file from that “local finder” to the […]

  • peeking and poking Google Chrome

    Is there an “ordinary way” to get the “extensions” listed, or is this pseudo-URL “the ordinary way“: chrome://extensions/? (Now, that I wrote of it here, I can finally close that tab, as I was really worried to forget it again. BTW: of course also this list is made far nicer then everything (at least) I can […]

  • what’s the right Unix-ish software and hardware in 2010?

    In 1994 I had no doubt: it’s a PC with some Linux distro on it. And changing my mind was out of the question until not so long ago. Now in 2010 I am doing things on a Samsung 17″ notebook running some openSUSE Linux, and I am doing things on a MacBook Pro with […]

  • learning from others – a temporary home-worker’s experience

    I really enjoyed working with my design profession mate yesterday. He brought his MacBook with him, and I also learned from him, what the MacBook substitute for the scroll-wheel is: a two-finger wiping over the touchpad.

  • activating the Meta key for the Terminal app under Mac OS X Snow Leopard

    I just came across a description on how to do this, which seems far outdated and just not working. So I thought, I would let you know, how it really works with Snow Leopard. Here you see the window, that pops up for Terminal’s Preferences menue entry: You can see the Use option as meta […]

  • Screen Capture in Snow Leopard

    Helpful article!! To take a screen capture press Cmd+Shift+4 on your Snow Leopard. […]

  • Snow Leopard’s “Finder” show sizes of all small network files as 1MB

    Googled for this phenomenon, and it looks quite well-discussed already.