Mac OS X 10.6.4 (Snow Leopard): the Finder hangs again

I tried to make LibreOffice the default application for a file on a Samba network folder, and Finder hangs – not LibreOffice. I am now going to kill Finder, and I assume during the remainder of the day I also have to restart the entire OS again, which implies restarting almost all applications with all their current state. Annoying stuff! But it happens with other contemporary operating systems just as well. But ordinary OS X users keep telling the rest of the world, that you never experience trouble with OS X, which just isn’t true.

The Finder does not get relaunched, and when you try to launch it yourself, this is what they show you:

The application can’t be opened.

You can’t really do a lot without a running Finder, so now I am going to restart OS X

Even the rebooting procedure stalled at “continuing”, and I had to do a cold reboot. This is, how bad it really can get with OS X.



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