Month: April 2013

  • logcheck – scans your logfiles and warns you – this is the nicest overview page Dependencies and restrictions: logcheck depends on logtail logtail runs on exactly one file … … and only once on that file, as it keeps a sister file called logfile.offset improving this should actually be “easy”, e.g. keeping a sister file called logfile.offset.user Pros: abstracting resp. filtering […]

  • brian d foy diagnosing Perl module installation problems in Heroku

    Diagnosing module installation problems in Heroku | brian d foy []

  • mobihealthnews: seven in ten doctors have a self-tracking patient

    Seven in ten doctors have a self-tracking patient | mobihealthnews

  • O’Reilly Media book: Understanding and Using C Pointers

    Understanding and Using C Pointers: Pointers are more involved than most programmers think and are frequently poorly understood. Comprehending and Using C Pointers will provide beginning and advanced C programmers with a comprehensive coverage of C pointers and illustrate good pointer programming habits, demonstrate the variety of ways they can be used. Comprehending and Using […]

  • O’Reilly Media book: Graph Databases Graph Databases provides a practical foundation for those wanting to understand how to apply graph databases to real-world business solutions. Readers will learn where graph database are applicable, why they are useful, and how to design and implement solutions that use them. Against the background of an introduction to the graph database space in […]

  • O’Reilly Media book: MongoDB: The Definitive Guide

    MongoDB: The Definitive Guide: How does MongoDB help you manage a huMONGOus amount of data collected through your web application? With this updated edition, you’ll learn the many advantages of using document-oriented databases, and discover why MongoDB is a reliable, high-performance system that allows for almost infinite horizontal scalability.

  • O’Reilly Media book: GIMP 2.8 for Photographers

    GIMP 2.8 for Photographers: Image editing is a crucial element in the photographic workflow. Image editing tools, most notably Photoshop, are usually sophisticated and deep applications, and are fairly expensive. The only open source tool in this market is the GIMP, which has developed into a powerful, multiplatform system running on Linux, Mac OS X, […]

  • O’Reilly Media book: Linux System Programming

    Linux System Programming: Write software that makes the most effective use of the Linux system, including the kernel and core system libraries. Written primarily for engineers looking to program at the low level, Linux System Programming gives you an understanding of core internals that makes for better code, no matter where it appears in the […]

  • Log::Log4perl : appending to a logfile from several processes at the same time

    Log::Log4perl::FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions on Log::Log4perl – a forum article dealing with group privileges on the semaphore files [link] If you don’t do it like this, you will end up in a corrupted logfile.

  • Log::Log4perl and (supposed) performance penalties

    Log::Log4perl – Log4j implementation for Perl – Evaluating parameters to logger methods may be expensive, but that’s outside the scope and responsibility of Log::Log4perl. So if you know that you have “expensive parameters”, you may “guard” your logger calls with “…->is_…()” method calls. Otherwise just don’t do so! It does not make sense. Read […]