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  • perspective distortion (photography)ürzende_Linien – in German: “Stürzende Linien” – how to deal with perspective distortion using GIMP – from the “Book of GIMP” GIMP: Tools > Transform Tools > Perspective – it has a shortcut (⇧P), and also an icon in THE Toolbox

  • last night’s online e-book purchases through o’Reilly Media

    PacktPub–Instant_Nokogiri.20130826122153.pdf (ruby xml) TidBITS–Take_Control_of_Your_Online_Privacy.20130827161623.pdf nostarch–Book_of_GIMP.20130128094115.pdf nostarch–Perl_One_Liners.20131101112448.pdf (perl) rockynook–Testing_Cloud_Services.20130826101828.pdf (testing)

  • No Starch Press book: Book of GIMP Whether you’re just getting started with GIMP or working to master GIMP’s more complex features, you’ll find the answers you’re looking for in The Book of GIMP.

  • O’Reilly Media book: GIMP 2.8 for Photographers

    GIMP 2.8 for Photographers: Image editing is a crucial element in the photographic workflow. Image editing tools, most notably Photoshop, are usually sophisticated and deep applications, and are fairly expensive. The only open source tool in this market is the GIMP, which has developed into a powerful, multiplatform system running on Linux, Mac OS X, […]

  • GTK+ 3.2 with support for Wayland and HTML5 – The H Open Source: News and Features

    GTK+ 3.2 with support for Wayland and HTML5 – The H Open Source: News and Features: GTK+ 3.2’s experimental backends allow gimp and gedit to run in HTML5 browsers and Wayland. More immediate updates include renewed file and font choosers

  • GIMP 2.7.3 arrives with single-window mode – The H Open Source: News and Features

    GIMP 2.7.3 arrives with single-window mode – The H Open Source: News and Features: The latest development branch release of GIMP includes a number of updates to the image editor, such as a fully functional single-window mode and working session management

  • how to copy a rectangle region from an image file? (“cropping”)

    My original source files are PDF files, but I already converted them to PNG using Ghostscript. I was thinking of ImageMagick … I came across phatch, I read of it here. It’s a GUI, that helps running ImageMagick with certain operations in a batch. It came with a lot of dependencies on other packages. I tried […]

  • how to convert a rectangular image into a square one using a command line utility?

    Most of the images I download from LinkedIn or Xing are not square ones. But I want to make use of them in my Google Mail address book, which allows me to select a square sub-section of those rectangular images. I know how to transform rectangular images into square ones using Gimp, but that takes […]

  • how to make a rectangle image a square image using GIMP

    I like reusing profile pictures from the web in my Google Mail Contacts aka address book. On Xing or LinkedIn these pictures not necessarily are square, but on Google Mail Contacts you have to choose a sub-square. So maybe you want to resize the picture appropriately, so you don’t cut it, where you don’t want […]

  • using SVG for graphics within HTML generated from DocBook Website

    I learned the hard way, that SVG graphics must get referenced via EMBED, not via IMG. I do that now.But still…I created a “generic logo”. It’s white on a transparent background, the real background determined by the context. That’s the idea. But I found this on the web – now I am confused: How do I […]