a few remarks Google Reader and its competitors

Google will shut down Google Reader on 2013-07-01.

I like(d) Firefox Sage a lot, but it does not synchronise between my various devices, so I really only consider web-based feed readers.

Competing web-based feed readers:
  • InoReader.com – looks best to me (I selected InoReader as my GR replacement); InoReader.com/forum
  • feedly.com – at least one organisational level; comes for free w/o any restrictions
  • NewsBlur.com – at least one organisational level; looks rather nice as well
  • theoldreader – no organisational level at all
  • netvibes.com – at least one organisational level; looks really great; free version has noticeable restrictions
www.google.com/reader/about : alternativeto.net/software/google-reader

But none of them is yet as nice as Google Reader:

  • you can send articles from the “overview” to a blog (InoReader can do that as well), …


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