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  • inoreader: Convert Almost Any Webpage Into RSS Feed With Inoreader’s Web Feeds

    So, you wanted to follow this nice website for new content, but it doesn’t have an RSS feed yet? Don’t worry, because Inoreader got you covered, again!Introducing Web feedsWhenever you see a web page with a series of updates, be it news articles, blog posts, classifieds, product updates, wea…

  • using Inoreader within Google Chrome – getting Chrome to assist subscribing to a feed using your favourite feed reader

    I only had to add another entry / line to “Manage / RSS Subscription options”: URL:; description: Inoreader The %s does the proper rewriting for critical characters itself.

  • quick publishing a web page to your WordPress blog using “Press This”

    There is the “bookmarklet” (Javascript code) on “Dashboard / Settings / Writing”, and there is the PHP code at wp-admin/press-this.php of your installation. !!! (CGI form parameters etc, selecting content, …) !!! !!! : “Press This Reloaded”, the alternative   CGI form arameters: u = URL t = title s = selection i = image […]

  • InoReader is the best Google Reader replacement I came across

    It resembles Google Reader really, really a lot. the RSS Subscription Extension (by Google) (a Chrome / Chromium browser extension) lets you add a subscription to your InoReader

  • a few remarks Google Reader and its competitors

    Google will shut down Google Reader on 2013-07-01. I like(d) Firefox Sage a lot, but it does not synchronise between my various devices, so I really only consider web-based feed readers. Competing web-based feed readers: – looks best to me (I selected InoReader as my GR replacement); – at least one organisational level; comes […]