quick publishing a web page to your WordPress blog using “Press This”

There is the “bookmarklet” (Javascript code) on “Dashboard / Settings / Writing”, and there is the PHP code at wp-admin/press-this.php of your installation.


CGI form arameters:

  • u = URL
  • t = title
  • s = selection
  • i = image

AddThis also makes use of this. AddThis can pass this: URL, TITLE, CONTENT, SOURCE.

I really like to create a blog article from a Google Reader resp. InoReader RSS feed article “preview”. And I really like, how much rich content gets passed to an article on a Blogger blog via “Send to / Blogger”. I don’t manage to create a WP blog article with a lot of content from the article preview, not even from a selection thereof.

This is true for the standard use of Press This and seleced content:

There is a magic boundary with the amount of text you can select and passed to the new article. If you pass that boundary, you end up with only the “URLed title”.


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