my Synology NAS DS213+ suggested an update, and afterwards the web-gui is not accessable again

I can still ssh into the NAS from remote, and I just rebooted:

root@DiskStation $ shutdown -r now

… but https://FQDN:5001/webman is just not accessable right now. That scares me “a little”. I shall try again, as soon as I shall be attached to my home LAN in a couple of days. At least I can still ssh into.

Update 2014-07-01 12:15:54:

  • I just tried to access the URL through Chromium and it works
  • access through Firefox keeps resulting in a blank page
  • relieved, that it works at least somehow
  • the “disadvantage” of using Chromium: apparently the website suggests to not allow saved login credentials – Firefox makes use of the stored login credentials, and I like that

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