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  • Synology DiskStation DS218+ – virtualisation software, actually: “containerisation” – after the DS713+ my 2nd attempt to get Docker running on a Synology device In order to give the software a little more air to breathe, I got a 4GB RAM module right away together with the “chassis” and the 2 3TB discs to go into the […]

  • Synology DiskStation DS718+

  • Synology DiskStation DS713+ NAS – How to Upgrade the Memory, a Step by Step Guide on YouTube

    Apparently officially there is no way and no recommendation, but here is how to: The memory for the DS713+ is a 204 pin SODIMM DDR3 1066/1666mhz 2GB / 4GB / 8GB.

  • unsuccessful installation of DSM 6.1.6-15266 on my Synololgy DiskStation DS713+ I do not succeed installing DSM 6.1.6-15266 on my DS713+: Unknown error occurs (21). This has happened repeatedly since Thursday/Friday midnight. Update: rebooted, re-downloaded the update, update succeeded.

  • my self-hosted Git server on my NAS – the crucial question resp. advice there: On your server, go to the directory that is the repository and type pwd. The output is the full path of the repository, make sure you use that. I am using ssh://HOST/… Git URLs for that purpose.

  • my Synology NAS DS213+ suggested an update, and afterwards the web-gui is not accessable again

    I can still ssh into the NAS from remote, and I just rebooted: root@DiskStation $ shutdown -r now … but https://FQDN:5001/webman is just not accessable right now. That scares me “a little”. I shall try again, as soon as I shall be attached to my home LAN in a couple of days. At least I can […]

  • Synology: how to reset a Synology DiskStation AKA NAS Having in mind, what I have already tried, I think, it won’t boot in any way described above, but I will give it a try anyway. Basically: remove all disks press the reset button for 4 seconds pray, that it starts beeping

  • my Synology DS112+ does not function any longer On Tuesday its blue LED started flashing continuously. I bought it on 2013-08-29, and for me this appears as a rather short life of an electronic product. I filed a problem report with Synology, and I wonder, how soon I will get a replacement. Synology do no longer  distribute DS112+, I would quite […]

  • this is the advent of Synology’s NAS operating system DSM 5.0 You can already download, install, and run it. They say, it still has a few rough edges. But there is nothing, I have to worry about. Nice look. And my rsync on both (the 112+ and the 213+) still runs properly. I don’t really mind the “SMB2 vs OSX resource fork” issue. I am […]

  • DVB-C (and DVB-T2/-T) for my Synolgy NAS “diskstations” – in German: “Netzwerkspeicher als TV-Server und -Empfänger” It needs the following software: – DS112+ (???) – DS213+ These two mentioned diskstations are compatible with these two DVB-C USB connectable devices: : TBS USB DVB-C TV Stick for about € 60+5 at [link] for about € 63+5 at [no link currently] : TBS5680 DVB-C […]