another little software development project: create an Emacs style diary from the Atom feed of my blog(s)

The XML looks like this:

  • each article on the blog is an “<item>…</item>” on the list of the Atom feed
  • each “<item>…” has
  • a “<title>…
  • a “<link>…
  • and a “<pubDate>…

That’s all I need. Well … – WordPress truncates the blog article list shown in the Atom feed, and sometimes (at least) I want to get a longer version of this list. IIRC there are ways to instruct an Atom feed URL to return a longer list.

  • The link needs a little rewriting, so that it looks like the URL shown above.
  • The pubDate also needs (very little) rewriting.
  • The order of the items is reverse chronological, i.e. youngest first – in my diary I want it the other way round.

Q: Why do I need this little converter at all?
A: In order to document my work in my diary (of course). I am documenting my life in my diary.

Update: Actually I want a “stream” describing all my activities on whatever sites:

  • creating an article
  • updating an article
  • removing an article

I am going to start another article describing the more general approach and listing the sites concerned. I assume Atom feeds are not powerful enough to describe what I need.


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