the GNU packages that I need most seriously on my “finkified” Macs

CAVEAT!!! Read carefully beforehand:

I.e. install

  • Xcode Tools/Developer Tools,
  • Xcode Command Line Tools,
  • and X11 !

This message wants to tell you, that the Xquartz X11 distribution is not installed (it is not something, that fink can do for you):

Can’t resolve dependency “x11-dev” for package “poppler46-shlibs-0.26.2-3” (no matching packages/versions found)

$ fink install coreutils-default grep xmlstarlet pwgen saxon wget
$ fink install image-exiftool-pm # extracts date+time from JPEG files
$ fink install xpdf # which includes pdfinfo; extracts date+time from PDF files
$ fink install ghostscript # needed by emacs doc-view (?!?)

Note 2019-10-21: I fail installing wget, because it  depends on some  uncompilable gpgme11. (Solved < 2020-05-27.)


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