emacs: in table-mode, how do I change the face used for cells?

I find it very useful and necessary to know immediately, that a table got recognised by emacs as such. Emacs shows it in colours then.

With the default settings I find the background blue1 (together with foreground gray90) sometimes / often “far too heavy”, let’s say: a contrast far too exhausting for my eyes. Really!

But what is a “less heavy” pair of foreground / background settings for table-cell? “For the time being” I am using plain “black” for the background through emacs customisation (“table-cell” in my “custom-file“).

The StackExchange article explains you everything, you need to know, and also points you to the related customisation buffer.

“light grey”“dark blue”
2019-08-27: too difficultsnow1gray70
2019-08-27: worksblackwhite
2019-08-27: workstomatowhite


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