Synology DiskStation DS218+

In order to give the software a little more air to breathe, I got a 4GB RAM module right away together with the “chassis” and the 2 3TB discs to go into the bays, so that all the software planned to run on that box will comfortably work and live there.

I wasn’t really running out of disc space on NAS-s and the DS713+ isn’t really that much worse, but then there are 5 years in between them, and the also DS218+ officially allows the extra RAM – so I am quite committed to dive into the world of Docker soon.

Having your own web-based frontend to your git repos sounds quite intriguing. So getting “my own GitLab” up and running is quite a motivating start for my Docker involvement.

Update 2019-01-12: The resource monitor (of the NAS) makes me think, everything runs alright. And: GibLab does run on my NAS – amazing!

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