how to downgrade from macOS Catalina to Mojave

If you’ve installed the latest macOS Catalina and decided it’s not for you, the good news is you can downgrade to Mojave. Read this article to find out how to do it.

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binge-watching Trapped season 2

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fink, wget

Failed: phase compiling: gpgme11-1.1.8-4 failed I am not able to install wget these days.

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Chromebook Mine cost me EUR 300 (+ …). If you are able to switch to it, it solves you a lot of problems. I guess most people would be better of switching to this kind of computer – would you like more explanations? I don’t earn money on this. I do have such a piece… Continue reading Chromebook

Catalina, fink, …

I was quite enthusiastic to install Catalina right after I read the notification of its availability on my MacBook. I installed it right away, but upon completion I got aware of that the fink installation at /sw was gone, because Apple made the root directory read-only. The fink project suggests installing fink at /opt/sw. Installing… Continue reading Catalina, fink, …

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my favourite Nintendo game: Mario Kart