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  • Chromebook Mine cost me EUR 300 (+ …). If you are able to switch to it, it solves you a lot of problems. I guess most people would be better of switching to this kind of computer – would you like more explanations? I don’t earn money on this. I do have such a piece […]

  • Java on Debian (and esp. the Chromebook) — as easy as it can get

  • Debian applications on Chromebook

    $ sudo apt-get install … emacs

  • my Chromebook and my Samsung SCX-4623 printer: “File is in the wrong format. Check the PPD file and try again.”

    That printer is connected USB-wise to my router, a FRITZ!Box. This is how my Macs and Windowses connect to my printer (according to router manufacturer’s instructions): The protocol is JetDirect on port 9100: The manufacturer’s instructions: I tried for a while to connect through and provide a PPD, but the Chromebook’s […]

  • my first Chromebook: HP Chromebook – 14-db0301ng It has no backlit keyboard – but the keyboard’s touch / stroke is pleasant. I does not have a touchscreen. But I don’t miss it. I gradually get used to the “look and feel” of the Chromebook resp. Chrome OS: the 2-finger-tipping for getting the context-related menu the shelf – in the […]

  • Chromebooks and Microsoft Office Basically: you can run the Microsoft Office Web Applications using your Chrome browser, as long as you are online as opposed to Google Docs (for Chromebook) there are no offline versions of Microsoft Office Web Applications