Catalina, fink, …

I was quite enthusiastic to install Catalina right after I read the notification of its availability on my MacBook. I installed it right away, but upon completion I got aware of that the fink installation at /sw was gone, because Apple made the root directory read-only. The fink project suggests installing fink at /opt/sw. Installing fink like this did not work on Catalina. I downgraded to Mojave. (I had to erase my disk in order for this to be possible.)

The old /sw fink installation, that I had saved to my NAS and that I restored was (resp. looked) (sort of) worked, but I was tempted to install a new fink to /opt/sw, and I went for it. During this new fink installation (“fink selfupdate-git”) this message showed up:

WARNING: version (11.1) and Xcode Command Line Tools version (10.3)
may not be compatible.
You may experience build errors.

Where to find “Xcode Command Line Tools” to install them from?

Go to, search for “command line tools for xcode” and get the most recent one DMG, and also install it! After installing it I still see that message, but (11.1 vs 11.2) is still better than 11.1 vs. 10.3, I think.

CAVEAT!!! Read this now:


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