Chromebook – how to make use of the printer attached to my FRITZ!Box via USB cable

How to set up the connection on the Chromebook:

Print and scan > Printers > Add Printers to your profile > Add printer:

Add a printer manually > Name: MAKER via, Address:, Protocol: AppSocket (TCP/IP), URI: socket:// – Add! (in former times AVM told us to look for “HP JetDirect”.)

Advanced printer configuration > Manufacturer: …, Model: … – Add!

If the model you are searching for does not get shown yet, attach the printer directly via USB and set it up on the Chromebook. Via PnP the model and its (PPD) driver should be there and known now. Afterwards you can make use of this driver for reaching it through the network as well. You can also try go get the PPD file for your printer on the Internet. (It appears to me, the Chromebook expects a .ppd.gz .)

How to print on the Chromebook:

Destination: See more…

Select a destination: MAKER via



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